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Apple Crate Antiques

Contact: Lisa McInturf Work 19 W. Church St. Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-334-1122

Brasseur’s Botanicals

Contact: Carrie Brasseur Work 608 Hudson Avenue Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-345-4372

Canal Market District

Contact: Jazz Glastra Work 25 East Walnut Street, P.O. Box 4217 Newark OH 43058-4217 Phone: 740-377-8886 Website:

Coconis Furniture

Work 2005 Hebron Rd. Heath OH 43056 Phone: 740-334-4023 Website: website

Full line furniture and mattress retailer

Downtown Cycles, LLC

Contact: Justin Wood Work 7 North Third Street Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-281-0231 Website:

EM Sports

Contact: Edward Maddern Work 16 Arcade Place Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-403-8454

Granville Gourmet Whoopie Pies

Contact: Trish Newcomb Work 15 South Park Place, Suite B Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-975-4474 Website:

H.L. Art Jewelers

Contact: Steve Ehret Work 20 N. Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-345-9791 Website:

Kicks Mix Bookstore

Contact: Diana Shannon Work 38 South 3rd Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-345-9800 Website:

Orme Do It Best Hardware

Contact: Scott Gabbey Work 67 West Main Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-345-7515 Website:

Pugh’s Designer Jewelers

Contact: Kevin Pugh Work 44 South 2nd Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-344-9259 Website:

River Road Coffeehouse

Contact: Stacey Forman-Donnelly Work 26 North Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 614-406-0668 Website:

Wilson’s Garden Center

Contact: Ruth Moran Work 10923 Lambs Lane NE Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-763-2873 Website: website