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Barrel & Boar/Newark BBQ LLC

Contact: Alex Athan Work 5 North 3rd Street Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-258-6017

Buckeye Winery

Contact: Kathie Morrison Work 25 North 3rd Street Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-788-9463 Website:

Damn Good Popcorn

Contact: Kay Baxter Work 39 South Park Place Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-644-8748 Website:

Draft House of Newark, LLC

Contact: Eula Rizzo Work 15 West Main Street Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-345-9380

Franks and Sammies

Contact: Dustin Polage Work 34 South 3rd Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 614-316-6931

Goumas Candyland

Contact: Cathy Cramer Work 18 North Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-345-7440 Website:

Granville Gourmet Whoopie Pies

Contact: Trish Newcomb Work 693 Tall Oaks Drive Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-975-4474 Website:

Market Street Soda Works

Contact: Tim Argyle Work 14 E. Market Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-877-6417 Website:

Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Contact: Greg Tracey Work 21 West Church Street Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-349-5088 Website: Moe\’s Original BBQ

Newark Elks Lodge #391

Contact: Ray Rector Work 73 North 3rd Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-345-7315 Website:

Palumbo’s Italian Market

Contact: Cindy Palumbo Work 26 North Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-587-0409 Website:

River Road Coffeehouse

Contact: Stacey Forman-Donnelly Work 26 North Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 614-406-0668 Website:

Skorpios Gyros

Contact: Alaa Babieh Work 56 W. Main St. Newark OH 43055 Phone: 740-322-6292

Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ

Contact: Kevin Smith Work 116 Misty Meadows Dr Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-818-9670 Website:

SteamRoller Bagel

Contact: Jay Snyder Work 115 N. Prospect St. Granville OH 43023 Phone: 740-777-9145

Uncle Giant

Contact: Dennis Phillip Moore Tracey Work 10 Pleasant St Newark OH 43055 Phone: 614-706-1230 Website:

Yesterday’s Pub

Contact: David/KJ Kittel Work 78 Wilson Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-349-8009