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Central Ohio Youth Ballet

Contact: Kristen Morris Work P.O. Box 735 Newark OH 43058-0735 Phone: 740-366-0003 Website:

Licking County Art Association

Contact: Susan Kamps Work P.O. Box 15 Newark, 43058-0015 Phone: 740-349-8031

Licking County Genealogical Society

Contact: Bill Millbrandt Work 101 W. Main Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-755-0734

Licking County Government Preservation Society (Historic Jail)

Contact: Pam Jones Work 20 S 2nd St, 4th Floor Newark, 43055

Licking County Historical Society

Contact: Emily Larson Work P.O. Box 785 Newark, 43058-0785 Phone: 740-345-4898

Licking County Library

Contact: Babbet Wofter Work 101 West Main Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-349-5500 Website:

Midland Theatre

Contact: Melissa Owens Work 36 North Park Place, P.O. Box 550 Newark, 43058-0550 Phone: 740-349-9218 ext. 8 Website:

Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra

Contact: Susan Larson Work P.O. Box 566 Granville, 43023 Phone: 740-501-0461 Website:

The Ballet Academy

Contact: Robert Cole Work 17 1/2 South Park Place Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-366-0003 Website:

The Works

Contact: Marcia Downes Work 55 South First Street, P.O. Box 721 Newark, 43058-0721 Phone: 740-349-9277 Website:

Thirty One West

Contact: Tom Atha Work 31 West Church Street Newark, 43055 Phone: 740-258-6002 Website: