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Downtown Newark Association

Mission Statement

The Downtown Newark Association believes that Newark’s Historic District has yet to see its most relevant and prosperous moment in time. A dense collection of architecturally significant building stock, Downtown Newark once was a center for shopping, entertainment, and dining. Our mission is to preserve the historic nature of our city while readapting the usage of the district to fit the needs of our community today. By working collaboratively, we have the opportunity to create a thriving specialty shopping and entertainment district that is fuel for economic development that extends citywide.

  • Create memorable events.
  • Drive awareness for the downtown community.
  • Attract amenities for downtown living.
  • Connect community through meetings and programs.
  • Enhance perceptions of the historic district.
  • Preserve history while driving future.

About The DNA

The Downtown Newark Association has been a formal organization since May 2007. We now have over 120 members, which include business owners, city government officials, media, entertainment, and non-profit organizations. The Goal and purpose of the DNA are to improve and promote Downtown Newark. We sponsor and participate in many downtown events. We have adopted areas to plant and maintain, and we work on many other worthwhile projects. For information about joining the Downtown Newark Association, email or fill out our membership application.


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Board of Directors – Executive Committee

Shannon Walker



Vice President
Heather Stasel



Trish Newcomb



Celina Clark



DNA Staff

Christy Jones – Event Coordinator
Ali Olasin Scott – Administrative Assistant

Committee Chairs

Diana Spain – Events
Wendy Hollinger – Web Master
John Montgomery – Membership
Bob Handelman – Economic Development

Member Spotlight

The Downtown Newark Association is made possible thanks to the generosity of merchant members and generous sponsors.

Downtown Newark Association, your hub for finding entertainment, where to eat, shop, worship, health, wellness, financial, and legal support.

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