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DNA Coordinator Position

The Downtown Newark Association (DNA) exists to develop programs that promote and enhance Downtown Newark as a great place to live, do business and visit. With 110 business and individual members, the organization is seeing great progress as the revitalization of Downtown Newark has been underway. A volunteer executive committee serves the organization with its administrative, financial and operational needs. All of these volunteers run, own, or work for a downtown business. As to be expected, as the organization grows with its added members, the needs of the membership also grows. It is difficult for the volunteer officers to ensure that their own businesses are run well while still fulfilling the needs of the DNA and its mission - "to preserve the historic nature of our city wile readapting the usage of the district to fit the needs of our community today."
For these reasons, the DNA is seeking a professional, part-time employee with a passion for Downtown Newark to assist with various areas of marketing, events and membership. This position would report to the volunteer Executive Committee and entail 50 hours per month. The person filling this position would bring a fresh perspective to not only the officers and executive committee of the DNA, but also identify areas of growth for the membership. See the job description and summary for more details!

Downtown Newark Association Coordinator Position Summary
Downtown Newark Association Coordinator Position Details